Up coming Events

Guest Lecture on 7th August’19 on Student Startup Innovative Policy (SSIP). Artificial Limb Camp on 10th August 2019. Guest Lecture/Workshop on 14th August ’19 on Cancer Rehabilitation & Lymphedema.  

Continued Rehabilitation Education

We are planning to organise  two days Continued Rehabilitation Education(CRE) in Assistive Devices Technology in Rehabilitation. Proposed date 28th-29th February 2020. Interested Candidates to mail or message their details on this no.8780496570 and mail on fpt.ncp@spu.ac.in

Artificial Limbs Centre

We are planning to start artifical limb centre consultation and manufacturing and provide free lower limb prosthesis or legs to needy patients with the help of renown specialist Dhiren Joshi Sir. Needy patients can register their name with Dr Nidhi Read more